To the left, soldiers of the Third U.S. Army escort German civilians from nearby Weimar into Camp Buchenwald to witness all the evidence of Nazi atrocities in the camp. To the right, visitors stand in front of the entrance to Buchenwald Memorial, April 14, 2015.

To the left, used as Russian headquarters, this Great Hall of the German Military Engineering, Berlin, was the site of the signing of the surrender agreement on May 9, 1945. To the right, the former Soviet headquarters is now the German-Russian Museum in Berlin-Karlshorst.

To the left, the Ludendorff Bridge over the Rhine River at Remagen, Germany, March 1945. To the right, the remnants of the bridge. The bridge was captured by the U.S. First Army on March 7, 1945. Despite the Nazis attempt to destroy it, the bridge held until March 17 when it collapsed killing 30 American soldiers.

To the left, Russian refugees are gathered at edge of Elbe River, Torgau, Germany, April 26, 1945, where the historic official meeting between 1st U.S. Army and Russian Army officers occurred. To the right, the remains of the bridge after the Nazis destroyed it before the link-up. It was rebuilt in 1945, but demolished in 1994.